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Download Among Us Mod V8.9 - Unlock All Features - Auto Impostor

Download Among Us Mod - Among Us Game is still trending news or articles on internet sites. More and more people are discussing this multip...

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 - Unlock All Features - Auto Impostor

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 - Unlock All Features - Auto Impostor

Download Among Us Mod

Download Among Us Mod - Among Us Game is still trending news or articles on internet sites. More and more people are discussing this multiplayer game which is said to be similar to the werewolf game.

After the Among Us Apk appeared along with the download link, a modified version of Among Us was now available. Mod applications are always present in the middle of the original version of the application. This is also a competitor to the original application.

Features that are more complete than the original version, making Among Us Mod Apk continue to be hunted by gamers. The mystery and mission in it make players have to rack their brains and think hard. Finding a traitor like Impostor is not easy. Not to mention that while playing annoying advertisements that make our concentration break.

For those of you who want to enjoy playing the game Among Us more, it is highly recommended to try to use the Mod version of this one game. But before downloading it is better if you first read the review about Among Us Mod Apk 2020 9.9 which is complete with excellent features in it.

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (Android)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (iOS)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (Windows)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (MacOS)

Review Game Among Us Mod Apk

Overview of the game Among US that must be known. It is mandatory to know that this game has actually existed since 2018, to be precise on June 15. It's just that recently the game suddenly went viral and was widely played by gamers.

This multiplayer game was created and developed by a game studio from the United States called InnerSolth. This one game has a space theme or background. Just look at the characters that appear on your screen, like humans in outer space along with their machine tools.

In the game Among Us, there are two different characters. Some of the players who play in it will be assigned a random role. The first role was Crewmates and the second role was Impostor. This first role has a function to identify con artists, while the role of this con man has a mission to kill the Crew without any identification.

This game supports 1 to 10 players. Three characters will be randomly selected to act as con artists, while the rest will be crewmates. The mission in this game is to find con artists in the characters who play in one area.

It's not an easy matter to find this impostor, because at first glance the impostor character and crew character look the same. Therefore, cooperation between crew is needed to find this traitor.

Download Among Us Mod Apk 2020.9.9 Radar Impostor

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (Android)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (iOS)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (Windows)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (MacOS)

Now the game Among Us appears in various versions. There is an original, there is also a mod version. Among Us the original version can be downloaded and installed easily via the Play Store or App Store. Meanwhile, for those who want to play on a PC or laptop, you can buy it on Steam for around 40 thousand rupiah.

However, if you are using the Play Store version of the game, you will have to spend money to buy several items to play Among Us. Here are the factors that make gamers run and want to find the latest modified version. As usual, if something is free, why should you pay for it, hehehe. Those are most of the principles of Indonesian citizens including me, hehe.

There is no denying that, if you can save money, why should we be wasteful by using paid applications. Better to use a free one with a quieter feature. The hunt for gamers to find the Among Us Mod game is not in vain, because now there is the Latest Mod version 2020 9.1, v2020.9.6 and the latest update version v2020.9.9

With a variety of excellent features that make your game more exciting. You have to play the game using the Among Us MOD APK All Unlocked Skin, Unlimited Money, Pet, Characters and so on, and we provide it here for you for free.

Among Us Mod Apk Latest Features

Before downloading, first know the excellent features of the latest version of Among Us Mod Apk.

Unlimited Money

The game on Android is like a small version of the real world. Why ? In every game now there is such a thing as Money. Different - different every naming game. However, the use is the same, namely to buy game items. It is undeniable that the more we have money in the game the more we can buy items that can make it easier for us to win.

Among Us Mod Apk gives you Unlimited Money facilities, which means you have unlimited money and can buy whatever items you want. As for the original version, you have to do a top first to get this Money.

No Ads

This mod version will make your game more exciting and without any advertisement interruptions. It's really annoying, isn't it, when we are playing but an advertisement appears which breaks our concentration of thinking. But calm down with this Mod version there won't be a single ad. Distraction free from commercials.

Unlock All Skins

All skins you can choose and use here. No need to buy skins because everything is just a click away without anyone being locked. Make no mistake, the characters in Among Us are no less interesting than the ML or other gaming characters.

Unlock All Pets

In order not to be lonely in carrying out missions, you can also bring a pet or what is also called a Pet. This pet can be your best friend on the way to completing missions. Usually for the original version you have to pay real money to get this pet. But here all types of pets are unlocked and can be selected for free. It's really cool.

At least those are the four excellent features of Among Us Mod Apk 2020 9.9. Interesting and worth a try for those of you who have just played or have played this multiplayer game. To get the file, it's already below.

Download the Among US Mod Menu Apk All Unlocked For Android, iOS and PC

Download Among Us Mod

Intrigued by the latest version of Among US Mod Apk? Calm down, friend, the admin has prepared the download file, just click and wait until the file is stored in your folder. Its size is 70 MB and at least Android is 4.4 and above. So, before downloading, check your Android first.

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (Android)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (iOS)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (Windows)

Download Among Us Mod V8.9 (MacOS)

How to Install Among Us

For those of you who are confused about how to install the game among us mod on android or ios, you can follow the article below:

  • Go to phone settings
  • Select the security menu, then check the "unknown sources". It must be done so that android reads the Aming Us file as an application not a virus.
  • Open the downloaded file and start the installation
  • Just wait a moment, the installation is complete Among Us is ready to play

It's easy to install the Among Us Mod Apk game application, but before installing you first delete the original version of Among us.

How to Play Among Us

How to play among us games, you can check here, because there will be a complete list of tips on being a crewmate and tips on being an impostor so you always win. But for a short tutorial as below:

  • Please create a group or room using Discord
  • His job as crewmates is to operate the aircraft
  • Tufas as Impostor is killing his Crewmates
  • Please carry out each task according to the mission given in the game

In the game, good communication is needed, therefore, please use the tutorial on how to open mic among us so that your communication in playing runs smoothly.

Most Popular Cheat Among Us

There are lots of cheats and game hacks among us on Android or iOS that are often used, even this cheating technique has been widely used by gamers among us. Well, for more details, you can see the explanation below about Among us cheat.

Always Impostor Mod

Cheat among us mod always impostor is what is often used by players, because always being impostor keeps among us giving a different nuance. The problem is that in the game being a good person like a crewmate is the most boring role, because as a crewmate it is always an easy target for those who are impostors.

Impostor Radar Mod

Not only is it always an impostor among us, the most popular cheats are also called radar impostor, with the existence of radar, we can see whoever is the name of the impostor will appear on the map or map. That way crewmates will be helped because of the radar impostor cheat cheat application.

Skin Hat and Pet mods

Basically, almost all games have cheat skins and that also happens to games among us, cheat skins among us to get free hats and pets are now viral and many people use them, as a result many people get skin pets and hats for free without the need use item money or coins.

Custom clothes and avatar cheat

Recently, custom clothes and avatar cheats have also been viral on social media, one of which is the Among Us game group, and we have discussed this cheat in a previous review. Well, for those of you who want a free custom, you can visit Among Us. Dev Skin, while those who want to create an avatar can click the Among Us Avatar Maker link.

Game Play Among Us

In this game, you will be assigned according to the random given to you, there are two characters in this game, first are Crewmates and the second is Impostor.

For those of you who are Crewmates players in the game Among Us, you have to save the plane from the crimes of the Impostors, and vice versa. If you are an Impostor player, prevent them from playing Crewmates from failing to carry out their mission.

However, here in the game Among Us the Impostor players are quite difficult to see, here there are no features or signs that there will be an Impostor player, so to find it, an Among Us Mod Apk Radar Impostor file is needed which you can download here.

Is It Safe To Use Hack Mod Among Us?

The surge in the game Among Us makes it an attraction for those who like to hack mod apk in the form of modified clonnningan files. This has indeed become an uproar for developers who have created games, so Official Innersloth LLC has criticized the behavior using cheating and hacking techniques.

Reported from that there was a player among us who used a cheat technique and he found a screenshot from Reddit that said the message "You have been banned for hacking. Please stop "

So you can conclude yourself from the story above that a player who has used a hack trick in the Among us game, where his account has been banned or banned permanently, it means that it is not safe to use Among us cheat or hack in any form.


Hopefully this review can help readers to be able to play the Mod version of the game Among Us. Experience cool features that were not in the original game.


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